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Xue Mei Jing Sheng Zhi Se Se Fa Dou (2016)

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Description 9 months
Xue Mei Jing Sheng Zhi Se Se Fa Dou (2016)


Release: 2016

IMDB: 6.0

Director: -

Cast: The film tells a night, a beautiful female teacher vehicle malfunction, with her husband on the phone in the process, suddenly lost contact. When her husband arrived on the scene, he found his wife gone …… wife in the end gone? Whom she captured her husband launched a series of investigations. At the same time, a few bad guys control the poor woman, he found himself in the hands of these women disappeared one after another, the bad guys also launched a series of investigations. It joins two intersecting clues to promote the continuous development of the story, and finally found a perverted murderer put these beauties were killed,, Zhang Zhenghe victory was cat and mouse game, and finally the police to stop the emergence of this metamorphosis murder case.


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