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Red Cheongsam (2016)

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Description 8 months
Red Cheongsam (2016)


Release: 2016


Director: -

Cast: During the Republic of China, Zhou cling to the head of the powerful, and getting married Pingtan Troupe Cheng Xiaodie (Qin snow ornaments) walked, then Chengxiao Die pregnant when she gave birth to a child after that, the head of Zhou had married Commander home of daughter, distraught Cheng Xiaodie week wearing the head gave her red dress, three feet of white silk hanged himself. This red dress handed down in contemporary Wang Zea (Liang ornaments) and Xue (Hung Chen ornaments) and a series of incredible suspense terrorist incidents between Yaru (Qin snow ornaments), fulfilled the curse of the red dress .


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