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Onna Uso (2012)

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Description 8 months
Onna Uso (2012)


Release: 2012


Director: -

Cast: The murder of abduction and confinement incident three women were victims, Kiriyama occur simultaneously in a hospital that specializes in psychiatry. Since the news of the director from the incident is unknown, that (row next diligent study) Hayashida veteran detective embark on a full-fledged investigation. And questioned the victims of confinement (¥ stay shallow) much nurse is also the daughter-in-law (Lisa Kasumi) Yuko, the director is a business (Miku Hasegawa) Mayumi, pharmaceutical companies housewife had been visits to the hospital Suruga, Hayashida feel something suspicious that there is a discrepancy between the testimony of each party to the contents unnatural. (google translate)


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