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Chang Chen Ghost Stories (2016)

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Description 5 months
Chang Chen Ghost Stories (2016)


Release: 2016


Director: Zhan Yue

Cast: Violinist small shadow (Lu Shan ornaments) moved into a rental Sishiyiting together, shared by three tenants: sissy fitness coach Lin Yu (Fu Hang ornaments), “microblogging network red” Mo n ( Song shake atlas ornaments) and socialite sister Wan Su (WU Jin West ornaments) warmly welcomed. Four seemingly disparate people together to get along, while between the three seems to have a particularly close relationship; however, discovered a mysterious shadow in a small notebook, the nightmare gradually invaded, notebook thrilling re-recorded scenes in the life of a small shadow occurs, a small shadow began hallucinating that he is another person; through visits, she found the diary owner is a former tenant of his room, because of the bizarre accident killed


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